Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing to add,
and when there is nothing to remove.

Antoine de Saint-exupéry

Ice hard drive can store 25000 gigabytes of data in a volume comparable to a small coin

12 Sep 2017

The University of Manchester is leading research in the field of molecular storage, when each single molecule of a certain ...

Obtained convincing evidence for the existence of Majorana fermions, quasiparticles that can be used in the field of quantum computing

12 Sep 2017

We remind our readers that in 1937, Italian physicist Ettore Majorana (Ettore Majorana) theoretically justified the possibility of the existence ...

The use of artificial intelligence will reduce time of processing of astronomical data from weeks and months to seconds

12 Sep 2017

On pages of our site we have repeatedly talked about the effect of gravitational lenses. The effect is that the ...

Стеклянные пластины - основа жестких дисков следующего поколения, объемом в 20 ТБ и больше

12 Sep 2017

ЯндексПереводчикAnyone who deals with computers for a long time, remembers a time when disk drives were measured in megabytes, and ...