Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing to add,
and when there is nothing to remove.

Antoine de Saint-exupéry

Modal pop-UPS using CSS3 without any Javascript

Once again turn to the topic of create a modal(popup) Windows. Lately I have been more and more interested in various performance techniques, pop-UPS, javascript, jQuery plugins, etc. Greater interest is the possibility of using clean styles and the inexhaustible potential of the new CSS3 features.
Based on the work of some respected burzhuinov, they're quirky guys, get good results, in terms of creating modal Windows using CSS3. The task in the first place is to achieve more or less stable krossbrauzernosti the final result, and of course, with minimal losses, to reduce the amount of code in the HTML and CSS in order to make life easier for long-suffering workers of web development.
What happens in the end, I have this plan today, we will see, but at the same time, and learn how to do a popup modal window using the "magic" of CSS3.

For starters, all those who are interested in this topic, you can look at an example of work modal Windows in different versions and download sources: